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22 December
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shiann. 23. california. tall. brown hair. blue eyes. shy. quiet. funny. hopes. dreams. creative. photography. music. singing. photoshop. books. movies. fandom. family. friends. shinee. super junior. within temptation. justin timberlake. kelly clarkson. lady gaga. big bang. dbsk. ke$ha. the all-american rejects. snsd. fahrenheit. she. rihanna. beyonce. lil wayne. owl city. passion pit. 30 seconds to mars. metallica. beast. kara. u-kiss. 2pm. 4minute. alanis morissette. chris brown. 2ne1. collective soul. delta goodrem. goo goo dolls. matchbox 20. enya. josh groban. green day. hinder. maroon 5. linkin park. pink. machelle branch. shinedown. the veronicas. taylor swift. infinite. teen top. miss a. young money.merlin. harry potter. bones. supernatural. twilight. fallen. futurama. family guy. lord of the rings. you're beautiful. hana kimi. coffee prince. invader zim. ouran high host club. bleach. heroes. icons. banners. headers. wallpapers.

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