The Eagle - Marcus/Esca

Three Times Marcus Failed to Pick Up Esca and One Time He Didn’t

Title: Three Times Marcus Failed to Pick Up Esca and One Time He Didn’t
Author: snb123
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Marcus/Esca
Word Count: 3,559
Summary: Three times Marcus isn’t as smooth as he’d like to think he is and the one time he actually gets it right.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended; no profit is being made from this endeavour.
A/N: Written for tracy7307

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B2ST - Doojoon

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Title: The Hunted
Pairing/Main Character: Main characters: Yoseob, Doojoon, Dongwoon. Pairings: slight DooSeob, KiWoon, and JunSeung
Genre: Fantasy
Word count: 7,639
Summary: Yang Yoseob was living the normal life of a university student until one night changes everything. He becomes prey to Seoul's most notorious vampire. He is saved by two vampire hunters, just in time. But will they be able to keep him safe, or will he lose his life in the most cliched of fantasy tales?
Author's Note: I wrote this for beastattack's first mini bang back in August. kurara_shikaze did the awesome art work! This was my first time writing kpop fic, so I hope you guys like it!

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B2ST - Doojoon

Icon Requests

Hey all! I am taking icon requests!! Anything and everything is free game! Just comment with the picture or link to the picture!
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It's amazing how you can go from having an amazing weekend to having your life turn into a total cluster fuck. Just saying.
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Artists/Bands I have seen live!

4Minute (3)
B2ST (3)
Baek Ji Young (2)
Boys Night Out
Brown Eyed Girls (2)
CSJH The Grace
DBSK - Yunho/Changmin (3)
Fall Out Boy
G.NA (3)
Jay Park
Kim Chang Wan
Kim Jang Hoon
Kim Jong Kook
Kim Tae Woo
Lena Park
Motion City Soundtrack
SHINee (3)
Sistar (3)
SNSD (2)
Son Ho Young
Starting Line
Super Junior - Henry/ZhouMi (No Kangin/Kibum)
Wonder Girls
Yoon Bockhee

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Back from KMF and it was a blast, as usual! I met a bunch of great people, got G.NA's autograph and screamed my lungs out! I'll be working on my account tomorrow, please look forward to it!
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Heading out to LA for KMF tomorrow!! I am super excited! I'm glad KMF always comes at a time when I need a break in my life! We aren't going to "stalk" at the hotel this year. We are going to go shopping and to the movie and to the Museum of Modern Art! I finally get to meet kitsuneyujji in real life! I am excite!! Anyone else on my flist going?!
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So, I didn't really want to do this, but I'm seriously considering locking my journal. I put a lot of effort into the things I post on here - icons, gifs, wallpapers, banners, edits and pictures I've taken - and I do it for you guys to enjoy. Most of you are great about commenting and crediting. But there are some, and I don't even know who, that take from here without crediting. I've been finding more and more of my stuff on the internet (read: tumblr) without any mention of me. It's really starting to piss me off. And the hotlinking! Don't even get me started! I have to pay for a pro photobucket account just keep my bandwidth from exceeding every month. I didn't mind at first, but when I have to do it for people to "steal" and not credit me is just going to far. This whole thing is really frustrating. Maybe I'm overreacting, I don't know. I just wish people would understand what this is like for me.

I'm planning on posting a bunch of icons from B2ST's concerts this weekend. Maybe I'll try locking the post after 72 hours or something. I guess I need to think on it.

I hope everyone reads this and thinks about it.
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